Spit fetish or sexual taste for saliva is an erotic preference that awakens desire when this fluid enters in the scene. The “how” can go far beyond the frequent image where a person spits on another, usually in the mouth, but there is an amalgam of games as wide as rich that allow to enjoy this preference.

What does de spit fetish mean?

The erotic preference for saliva is not the same as “salophilia”, an umbrella term that refers to feeling aroused by the saline fluids of the human body as saliva, genital fluids and sweat, mainly. The eroticization of saliva is something extremely frequent that is normalized through such a basic intimate action as kissing. From this point on, spit can be included in an infinity of erotic activities that involve absolutely all the senses.

imagen de una mujer vestida de morado con los brazos en la cintura en un fondo oscuro para representar el fetichismo de saliva

What type of practices can I engage in?

The list of fantasies that can be generated around saliva is infinite, as always in the erotic field, but below you can read some of the most frequent practices.
In the sessions we can perform any of them, so read carefully and indicate your preferences when filling out the questionnaire in the contact section.

1: Enjoying with the eyes

If sight is one of your preferred senses, then watching the other person play with saliva has potential to be a desire trigger. Whether it’s inside the mouth, watching it drip or being forcefully spit out become very fun and exciting games to consider in this scenario. Even watching saliva being collected in a container and then playing with it.

2: Spitting on body parts

For some people, the most attractive thing is to notice how the saliva comes out of the mouth with intensity until it reaches a specific part of the body. Which one would you choose?

3: Spit and toys

The ball-gag or the ring gag are two possible toys that are totally related to saliva. There are gags with holes that allow you to watch the saliva slowly pouring out, while ring gags let you see how this fluid accumulates inside the mouth. Are there any other toys that come to mind that you would like to use in the sessions?

4: Spit and humiliation

Is saliva a trigger of pleasure through humiliation? Do you find it a degrading gesture but at the same time exciting? Let me know through the questionnaire so I can think about the game I want to have fun with you.

Spit Fetishism in Madrid

If you are looking for a safe space where to explore your taste for saliva, this is the right place. My name is Caroline Caos F and I do sessions in Madrid. However, throughout the year I also travel to other Spanish cities like Barcelona where we can also meet, as well as different locations in Switzerland.

Are you interested in an encounter? Then fill out the questionnaire that you will find in the contact section and tell me about your tastes and what fantasy you have in mind. As a professional I will guide you to have a session where we can enjoy each other and find out your taste for saliva.

If you live in another Spanish or European city and you want to have a long session, please contact me to propose a trip.

Other erotic experiences...


Of course you can. In the contact section you will find the questionnaire where you will have space to detail your fantasies. The more information you give me about what arouses you, the better I will be able to understand what you are looking for and create a scenario of shared enjoyment.

Explore the Desire is an open proposal to enjoy sexuality in many different ways and one of them is to combine practices, fetishes and preferences creating a fantasy to fully enjoy.

Spit fetish is one of the most frequent erotic preferences within the alternative erotic practices, where the arousal with this fluid is becoming something that we even categorize as out of the norm. What is it that excites you? Go to the contact section and tell me about your tastes in the questionnaire.