My name is Caos F and I am a facilitator and Dominatrix.
I studied philosophy in Madrid and started my research career in the field of Art. Both have strongly influenced this project on which I’m currently working full time and aims to be a lifetime’s work.

At this time, I’m the only person in Spain, Switzerland and maybe the whole Europe (I haven’t found anyone else but, Who knows?) doing facilitation sessions. This is a home-grown profession, that had found it’s reflection after it’s development in other american proposals.

As for my passions, I love art, traveling and surprising autobiographical testimonies.

I do not believe in closed concepts or in a single view of reality. I like to think that approaches to life are broad and that plurality has a value in itself.

Finally, I don’t like to waste my time: if you notice that we are not going to be a match then save yourself the trouble of contacting me. Surely, we both have more important things to devote our valuable time to.

imagen realizando un servicio de BDSM en Madrid


Read the whole website to know the main information. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Book your sessions a few days in advance. 48 hours minimum is required.

Answer the questionnaire in as much detail as you can.

I work with all kinds of identities: cis, non-binary, trans people and many more.

Ask me for other colleagues that may offer the service that you are looking for.

Check my Wishlist to know what I like and have a gesture.


I don’t do any kind of conventional sex practices: penetration, oral sex, masturbation etc.

Ethical standards: other sentient beings apart from persons cannot be included and practices that I don’t consider as safe are forbiden (permanent damage, prolongued slavery etc.).

I do not work with people under age, which may vary depending on the legislation of the country of the session.

You are not allowed to come drunk or drugged.

The prices are nonnegotiable.

Do not insist if I already told you that something is a hard limit for me.