Nylon fetishism is a sexual inclination that focuses on attraction to stockings, pantyhose or other clothing made of nylon. Enthusiasts of this fetish find arousal in the soft texture, transparency, smell, webbing and sensuality that they bring, usually to a woman’s legs or body itself. Every detail, from the sliding of the stockings or the material on the skin to the soft rubbing of the fingers, becomes a source of pleasure. 

In this article, I will explain more about the universe of nylon, as well as give you ideas that you can carry out in a session. If you wish to have an encounter where you can explore the nylon fetish, you can directly fill in the contact questionnaire where you will have space to detail your preferences and tastes. If, on the other hand, you want to know more about this taste, continue reading. 

What does the nylon fetish mean?

As you can see, the nylon fetish goes beyond the mere aesthetic appreciation of nylon or stockings. For those who enjoy it, it is a multi-sensory experience where the soft feel of nylon on the skin, the sheen in the light or the very personal scent that lingers after use are key elements in this experience. In addition, the anticipation and excitement of slowly sliding the stockings over a woman’s legs or one’s own body make this fetish truly special.

However, there are those who enjoy the stocking fetish with all the senses and there are those for whom one predominates over the others. For this we can ask: Do you like to see a special type of stockings with a particular design, density or shine, do you find it sexy to see someone walking with them, does their smell excite you especially after a whole day with them on, does touching them with your hands or with other parts of your body arouse your attention, do you like wearing several stockings instead of just one, does it generate desire to unite nylon fetishism with some other fetish or practice, do you enjoy wearing them with other fetish or practice?


What type of practices can I engage in?

The number of practices linked to nylon fetish is as wide as our imagination can take us. Here you will find several of them so that you can think of some examples of what could be done in a session. Tell me in the contact questionnaire what you are most interested in and I will also be able to make you more proposals.


1: Foot and leg worship sessions with stockings

If you wish to worship a woman’s feet or legs dressed in sensual nylon stockings, this practice is perfect for you. You will be able to enjoy this fetish and prostrate, touch and kiss, when allowed, all parts of the legs with nylon stockings that turn you on the most. 


2: Massage 

Have you ever given a massage with nylons or a nylons suit on? What area would you like to massage and how would you like to do it? Do you find it sexy to have the person themselves massaged? Would you like to rip some nylons in the process or maybe put some more over the top? 


3: Touching your body with nylons

It may be that what really captures the attention of all your senses is not only seeing someone in nylons, but having that person massage your body while wearing stockings. It might arouse that fetish is to have them rub your face, neck, chest or legs sensually to feel the other person’s touch through this material. Maybe what you like is to be put on nylon garments and enjoy your body. If so, let me know in the questionnaire. 


4: Sensual Role Plays

All the previous practices or any other you want to do can find a fun way to materialize through the realization of a role play. Do you have something in mind? What figure or character is sexier for you? Is there any fantasy you have been thinking about for a long time? In the contact questionnaire you have several proposals and there is always room for you to propose yours.

Nylon Fetishism in Madrid

If you have come looking for a stockings or nylon fetish session, this is the place. My name is Caroline Caos F and I am a specialist in alternative erotic fantasies. The sessions take place mainly in Madrid, although I travel several times a year to Barcelona and Switzerland. However, it is also possible to meet me scheduling a trip in another Spanish city or in another country of the European Union. 

My goal as a professional is to understand as well as possible what you are looking for, while offering you an environment of respect and safety where you can freely express your desires, but always with the focus on eroticism and sensuality. 

Complete the first step for us to have that much desired encounter by filling out the questionnaire that is in the contact section. Tell me in as much detail as possible what are your tastes, other fetishes or fantasies to make the session even better than what you have been imagining for a long time. 


Other erotic experiences...


This is something we talked about before the session during the first contact via emails. Let me know what type of stockings or garment arouses your fetish so that we can enjoy them during the encounter (color, density, design, shine etc.). If it is a special garment, the session must be booked with enough time to be able to make the order.

Doing a session does not imply buying an object or article with which to enjoy the fetish afterwards. We can talk about this possibility, but it is not implicit in the fact of doing a session. If you find sexy the idea of seeing how I take them off, play with you and finally keep them for you so you can enjoy them at home, ask me beforehand and I will explain the conditions. 

Yes, the sessions do not necessarily have to be focused on a single erotic taste, but we can explore other preferences (foot fetish, BDSM practices, panties, etc.). Tell me in the questionnaire what appeals to you the most.

Personally I love full body bodystockings in semi-transparent nylon, especially when they are in black. Also the classic stockings with a stylish vertical stripe down the back. If you want to have a detail when coming to the session, this can be a great choice.