Talking about “fantasies for women” is, in fact, as absurd as talking about “literature for women” or “movies for women.” So, if that’s the case, what are we doing talking about it, you may wonder? To address the issue, first, we must recognize a binary history where forms of expression were separated by gender: sexually, men were expected to be dominant and women submissive, he aggressive and she delicate, and a long list of imposed determinations shaping character, behavior, aspirations, and acceptable performance.

However, the realm of fantasy has provided an escape beyond the rational where desires have found a place to express themselves, often beyond social constraints. In other words, sexual fantasy is and has been a canal where women (and all individuals with sexual desire in general) have been able to imagine beyond the imposed role or feeling the pleasure they desire within their own limits. Therefore, speaking of “fantasies for women” is merely discussing an erotic scenario expressly made for someone identifying as a woman, placing their desires and pleasure at the center. There is no such thing as “fantasies for women,” “fantasies for men,” or “fantasies for non-binary people,” although we may find more recurring themes according to the gender spectrum or culture.

What are your sexual fantasies?

Based on this foundation, it is essential to note that as a woman, it is more challenging to find safe spaces to experiment with your fantasies. This is why Explora el Deseo presents this proposal. Is there a long-standing fantasy that has been arousing your desire, and do you want to bring it to life? Would you like to find a safe space to liberate yourself and enjoy? Do you need someone to guide you to experience the utmost pleasure possible? My name is Caroline Caos F, and I am a Fantasy Maker. My role is to understand your erotic universe, what brings you pleasure, and to execute it in a session where, together or with someone else, we create a scenario where those desires find the most pleasurable form of expression.