Dominatrix in Madrid

Dominatrix in Madrid

Welcome to a realm of erotic exploration. I am Caroline Caos F, a professional Dominatrix in Madrid, Spain, and internationally. I invite you to embark on a journey through the captivating world of BDSM and Femdom, where an extensive variety of games and practices await you in a secure, private, thrilling, and meticulously crafted environment.

If you are here, it’s because you have an interest in meeting a Mistress or Dominant woman in Madrid or Spain with whom you can have an encounter where your fantasies come true, but always putting her pleasure at the center. Whether you are someone who has been in this world for a while or if it’s your first session with a Dominatrix, here you can find out how and with whom to delve into those desires that place Femdom at the center of your excitement

Professional Mistress Sessions

There are two essential and non-negotiable aspects within the sessions. Firstly, utmost respect must always be given to both your limits and mine (or those of any other individual or Mistress). As a professional Dominatrix, it is my responsibility to understand your limits, the boundaries that should never be crossed, and to ensure they are honored. Secondly, safety protocols are strictly adhered to. No session takes place without a safeword and safety gesture, which serve as clear indications to halt the session entirely if needed. Additionally, I employ the traffic light method to prevent any discomfort from escalating beyond your desired level. You will receive more detailed information about this at the beginning of the session.

Therefore, the encounter with me as a professional Mistress starts with safety and communication. From here, you come to surrender yourself to a realm full of eroticism where you don’t know what the next step will be. I will take your preferences into account, but focusing on those that align with mine. In this way, I will create an exciting scenario in which I will enjoy seeing you obey and strive.


A safe and prejudice-free space where you can explore your desires and fantasies.

BDSM, tramping, strap-on, ageplay, golden shower…

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Looking for a Femdom Session?

Whether you have already immersed yourself in the realm of Femdom for some time, or are a novice seeking guidance from a Dominant woman, Dominatrix, or professional Mistress, “Explora el Deseo” offers a unique approach. What sets it apart from other Femdom proposals is its commitment to openness, solid safety foundations, discretion, and meticulous attention to detail. For more information, feel free to explore the BDSM section or fill out the contact form to get in touch.

Explora el deseo

There are no conventional sex practices

Explora el Deseo

Ask about ethical limits

Explora el Deseo

Confidentiality and safe space

Domina Services in Madrid

In my journey as a professional Dominatrix or Mistress, I have come to understand that the most challenging part for the other party in having a session is undoubtedly taking the step of contacting the Domina. This process involves searching for a suitable partner, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria for communication, and ultimately transforming the fantasy of a Femdom encounter into a tangible reality. Often, this difficulty arises because you have only been able to see a few images and a small text about the person who you will meet and with whom you will be in a vulnerable situation.

To break free from this feeling, you will find more information on this website than usual (about practices, frequently asked questions, etc.), precisely to dispel this fear. My work as a professional Dominatrix or Mistress extends beyond merely mastering various practices. It encompasses effective communication, allowing us to forge a shared space of pleasure while recognizing the dynamics of power and dominance. It is through this understanding that we can create a truly fulfilling experience.

But be careful! Don’t think that basing the process on communication and listening makes the sessions a place of relaxation. If it’s your first time, you must understand that visiting a professional Mistress or Dominatrix means giving your best; showing utmost respect and surrendering yourself to the path she has created for you.

Therefore, if you wish to experience a captivating Femdom session in Madrid or anywhere in Spain with a creative, elegant and sensual Dominatrix or Mistress who appreciates the art of discipline, please fill out the questionnaire. The session will take place in Madrid, generally in the Central area. The exact location will be communicated to you once the reservation is made. If you want us to meet in your city, propose a trip to have me near you for a few days and experience the guidance of a Dominant woman who can offer you very exciting games during that time.

Explore and enjoy

The accompaniment is based on privacy, consensus, mutual trust, respect, play and communication. Feel free to make proposals. I will look for the best way to carry them out to achieve mutual enjoyment in the session.

«Extraordinary experience lived with Caroline, an exciting process from the first contact, in which one already senses the level of the person with whom you interact: listen, ask and then you just have to let yourself go to live your fantasy at an unusual level»

Do you desire a professional Dominatrix or a Dominant woman to take control and indulge in her passions? Do you have a desire to build a bond of trust and surrender not just to a Mistress, but to your Mistress? Are you interested in BDSM and want to find someone who can provide you with security while being charged with eroticism and strength, someone with whom you can explore those practices that occupy your mind?