Underwear fetishism, or specifically panty fetishism, is an increasingly common taste that has as many forms of sexual expression as there are lots of people who enjoy its pleasures. It became hugely popular in Spain a few years ago and is known worldwide for its standardization in Japan where there are vending machines with this item. Despite the possibility of only enjoying the object, focusing the pleasure in whether or not they are stained or in their smell, there are also those who find pleasure in an encounter where they play with them.

What does the panties fetish mean?

Underwear fetishism or, more precisely, the sexual taste for panties or other types of female underwear is a form of erotic admiration that has its prominent place next to other fetishes such as stockings. However, this fetish goes beyond just appreciating the garment itself where what can produce attraction is its texture, color, or weave, but can seek excitement through the situation in which they are seen, their smell, what is done with them or making someone else wear them.

Sexual attraction to underwear or panty fetishism in its different variants is quite common among men and brings into play the arousal of many senses for their enjoyment: the visual pleasure of the garment itself, the smell that is part of the “essence” of the other person and the touch or sensation for the person wearing them that the panties, thong or other model of underwear arouse.

imagen de Caroline Caos F. en una bañera en ropa interior para representar el fetichismo por la ropa interior femenina

What type of practices can I engage in?

What practices related to panty pleasure or underwear fetishism would you like to engage in? Which of these activities arouse your sexual pleasure the most? Do you find yourself among one or more groups of people who enjoy these options? Read them and then indicate in the questionnaire what your preference is.

1: Visual enjoyment

There are thousands of scenarios linked to this fetish where we can start the game by discovering you the color, shape and every detail of the panties I have chosen for our encounter. Do you have a favorite color? Do you feel like wearing other garments such as stockings of some kind?

2: Smell and touch

Discover the softness and sensuality of women’s underwear as your hands roam over every detail, creating an experience of unparalleled arousal.

3: Collecting

Panties fetishism is very commonly expressed through collecting. Would you like to be able to buy my underwear after the session? Would you like to continue to enjoy them once we are no longer physically together and remember every moment we have lived through their smell? Indicate it in the questionnaire and we will talk to you about rates and other details.

4: Clothing exchange

If you wish, we can experience the thrill of you trying on my underwear during the session. I will fit and position you while you watch me put on another garment that matches yours so that we can play visually with both. In addition to panties, we can also play with stockings or garters, exploring the sexual component of these elements.

5: Role-playing games

Can you imagine a specific role-playing game that would help intensify the scene? Do you feel like being other people playing a role that adds an extra layer of erotic-sexual connection? In the questionnaire I suggest some games but I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Panties fetishism in Madrid

Do you live in Madrid or do you have the possibility to move? Then it will be very easy for us to have a session in this city. You only have to fill in the questionnaire that you will find in the contact section and wait for an answer. If you live in another part of Spain or in an international destination and you want me to travel to have a session, go to the Travel section or send me an email asking for information. I travel to Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne) several times a year and regularly schedule trips that you can see in the calendar on the website.

My services are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all people in which to explore your desires and to be able to arouse you without judgment with my panties. My goal is to ensure that you have an erotic-sexual experience that is tailored to you and your preferences and that always unfolds with mutual respect, privacy and consensus.

To ensure that your experience is completely satisfying, it is essential that you feel trust and that you are in a space of non-judgment and where your red lines are respected. Prior to our sessions, we will have a conversation to talk about safety issues, discuss your boundaries and desires, ensuring that each encounter is personalized and fully consensual.


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Yes, it is possible to buy my panties or other used underwear, but only if we have done a session in person. The price of the garment is 50€. It is also possible to purchase stockings and bras.
If you have any specific taste such as color of the garment, texture, if you are looking for menstrual stains or other similar details, let me know through the mail. I will see if it is possible to satisfy those desires.

According to a study conducted by Italian researchers, 12% of the adult population had a sexual preference for underwear, being highly more common in men. Therefore, we can affirm that yes, this is a common sexual fetish among a large number of people.

Addressing panty fetishism in a healthy way requires open communication and mutual agreement. The key lies in both parties feeling comfortable sharing their desires and boundaries, which is conducive to a respectful and satisfying shared experience.