Sitting on them, staring while it’s being inflated, rubbing them on the skin or the uncertainty of not knowing if they are going to explore it or not are some of the suggestive scenarios you can fantasize about if you feel sexual attraction to balloons. Increasingly popularized thanks to the internet, balloon fetishism has many variants, as many as people with this taste, but all of them focus on this object now transformed into erotic toy and source of desire of looners.

What does the balloon fetish mean?

Balloon looners or balloon fetishists have been finding an increasingly larger space within the erotic alternatives that have gained presence thanks to the Internet. Normally, it is the large balloons that get the most attention and everyone usually has a preference for color or transparency. Moreover, it goes far beyond hand play, but involves every imaginable part of a person’s body that can provide sensory or pressure play. Thus, buttocks, stomach or chest to sit on or hands, feet or mouth exerting somewhat more engaged pressures build the looner’s imaginary.

What type of balloon fetish practices can you engage in?

Within balloon fetishism we can find countless practices, preferences and nuances that build relationships with this object, but also with the person or persons with whom these practices are performed. In the sessions we can focus only on some of them or explore a wider range that also includes a more elaborate role play or fantasy to give context as a catalyst for these desired experiences. What are the practices that excite you the most? Do you have more suggestions? Fill out the questionnaire in the contact section and detail what is the scenario that has brought you here.

1: Blow-to-pop

The excitement that comes from not knowing when it will explode; watching someone enjoying the tension of the situation by focusing on the relationships between the participants; or witnessing how the balloon inflates to unsuspected limits to finally explode. Does this situation appeal to you?

2: Sit-to-pop

In sit-to-pop, the game focuses on the fun of sitting in different ways on the balloon until it bursts. Larger balloons also make a greater number of postures and movements possible. Is it sit-to-pop or “sit until it pops” that appeals to you the most?

3: Non-poppers

There are looners who love the game, but don’t get to the point of exploding, which can be unpleasant for various reasons such as the sound. For those who are in this group the erotic goes through the hundreds of possible games, but without reaching the critical point where it bursts.

4: Balloons and Latex

Balloon play can have a double added excitement for those who are also attracted to latex. Mixing these two materials can be a visual, but also tactile bombshell.

Loone service in Madrid

If you consider yourself a looner or a person curious about balloon fetish and you are looking for a session in Madrid this is the right place. My name is Caroline Caos F and I am a specialist in fetishes, among them, balloon fetish. This means that I will organize a meeting where we will put your fantasies and desires to enjoy in a safe space, free of prejudices and full of pleasure of your erotic preferences.

The sessions take place in Madrid, although I travel several times a year to Barcelona and Switzerland. If you are looking for a long session it is also possible to have a meeting in your city either in the rest of Spain or Europe. Fill in the questionnaire in the contact section and I will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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Bringing the balloons you like the most will be the easiest thing to do, understanding that there are many types and specifications. However, if it is possible to get them in a simple way I can bring them to the session without any problem. If you have any specific comments on this please indicate them in the contact questionnaire, although we will discuss this in the communication prior to the meeting.


Of course it is. The session will take place in a space where we can make noise without worrying that it might disturb. You can always ask me more specifically about this and I will give you more information.


I have two manual inflators, but you can bring your own if it is electric and you would like to use it. If what gives you excitement or pleasure within the fetish or fetish of balloons is to enter a room full of balloons, bring your electric inflator and we can dedicate a small part of the session to fill the space and then enjoy it. Tell me also in the contact questionnaire.