WAM is an acronym that refers to the practice known as “Wet And Messy.” This expression refers to a series of games related to the fetish of smearing the body. This smearing activity can be carried out with various substances, from food to shaving foam, and all sorts of sticky elements that produce enjoyable messiness; such as paint, mud, and more. The objective of this fetish is typically to cover the skin with one or several of these substances, but in WAM, variations can involve different forms of clothing or diverse food-related games.

This fetish can be performed unidirectionally but sometimes also mutually. Participants can smear these substances on each other, or one of the participants can remain tied and immobilized to be at the disposal of a Mistress. Concerning clothing, it can also be pleasurable or exciting to use specific materials and outfits for this fetish. From a suit that can be stained and dirtied to our liking, to more adhesive materials or those that create transparency for our bodies to feel more, such as lycra, or latex. Similarly, some people enjoy putting these substances inside the clothing to intensify the WAM experience and better perceive changes in temperature, texture, or sensitivity.