Sweat-related fetishism is a fairly common erotic preference where arousal is felt through smelling, seeing, touching or experiencing on the body the sweat usually of another person. There are those for whom this attraction is generated in sexual encounters, while other people enjoy it in more everyday situations such as watching someone doing sports or physical exertion tasks without the need for nudity or genitalia. Are you or do you know someone who is attracted to see how clothes get wet progressively, does seeing the shine in the other person’s armpits arouse your desires, or is it the smell linked to sweat that most captures your senses?

What is salophilia?

Talking about salophilia and sweat fetishism is not synonymous. Salophilia is a broader term that refers to sexual attraction to the saline substances in a person’s body (saliva, sweat, urine, discharge or semen), and you can be attracted to all of them or only to a few of them. On the web you will find information about several of them such as saliva or golden shower, as well as other practices related to alternative erotics.

imagen de Caroline Caos F. de espaldas con un traje negro representando el fetiche por el sudor

What type of practices can I engage in?

There are many ways to enjoy fetishism or sexual attraction to sweat. Here are some of the most common practices to feel pleasure with it, although the proposals can be infinite:

1: Watching someone sweat

There are those who are most attracted when they think of sweat is to observe how someone’s clothes are changing color and getting wet progressively, or to enjoy eye contact while the drops are sliding down the back, chest, forehead and abdomen of the other person.

2: Enjoying its taste

Visual is one step, but touch and taste can be next. Exploring sweat fetishism can mean kissing, licking and tasting the liquid of that other person playing with you. This can start with kissing and end in a more intense scenario.

3: Smell

The sense of smell is for many people a trigger of desire and sexual desire and it is precisely with the sweat with one of the elements of the human body with which most activates our attraction to the other person.

4: Role play

Within sweat fetishism, role playing plays play an important role and can be very stimulating. The gym setting is one of the most common and you can always start the game with some role playing to provide context and creativity to the encounter.


Sweat Fetish in Madrid

As you may have seen, there are many possibilities for exploring sweat fetishism. In the sessions you will find a safe space, free of prejudices and based on sensuality and pleasure where to express this taste and let yourself be guided by someone professional.

My name is Caroline Caos F and I am the one who performs the sessions that mainly take place in Madrid. However, I travel regularly to Barcelona and Switzerland, although a trip to your city in another part of Spain or Europe can also be considered. Fill in the questionnaire in the contact section and I will answer you as soon as possible so that we can have that meeting.

Other erotic experiencies...


Yes, Explore Desire is a proposal designed for all kinds of alternative erotic and sexual approaches. What is not in the sessions is conventional sex, but beyond this we can explore other tastes and create a session specifically designed for your pleasure, but where you can enjoy each other.

The fact that the session is focused on sexual pleasure through sweat does not mean that we do not have very strict hygiene measures. From the cleanliness and disinfection of the space and materials to the care of my body in detail are taken into account for maximum enjoyment.


There are people who feel more comfortable proposing their own fantasy and others who are more open to be guided. You may even belong to both groups and want to propose an idea that is open to new nuances. My approach is to actively listen to the dynamics you are most comfortable with and adapt, although I will always make recommendations based on my professional experience. Fill out the contact questionnaire and we will shape that special session where you can explore your forms of pleasure.