What is feederism?

This phenomenon, also known as Feederism, describes the fetish of feeding and fattening certain individuals. In Feederism, we often encounter two roles: a feeder and a feedee. They are respectively the person who enjoys making someone gain weight through feeding (Dominant) and the person who enjoys gaining weight by eating all that food (submissive). Eating has always been an activity loaded with hedonism and eroticism. It is an act that we perform with pleasure, engaging many of our senses, capable of becoming a fetish and activating our sexual energy. In Feederism, the act of gaining weight is a central factor. This can be more or less explicitly guided by the feeder, who provides fatty, sugary, or conventionally labeled “junk food” to the feedee.


But it’s not just about feeding; observing someone eat and gain weight can also be a source of excitement. From the development of this practice, which has elements of voyeurism, arises the fetish that we understand as muk-bang. Watching someone consume enormous amounts of food, gain weight, and do so in an ostentatious and sumptuous manner is an increasingly common fetish. It reminds us of the exciting, sensual, and attractive factor of food. This also connects with the ASMR experience, where the person gaining weight or simply responsible for eating does so noisily, making the textures more perceptible and the sounds emitted during the act pleasurable. This synergy between sight and sound can be experienced through streaming, video, or in-person formats.