Exposure therapy: wet and messy

There are some therapies focused on a talk dinamic and there are some other characterized by a little bit more of “action”. This is the case of the exposure therapy used in the role play of this session, that allow us explore many exciting fetishes of which we can remark the wet and messy one. Pies, bondage, foot fetishism, humilliation and maybe some more pies are the recipe for a fun and cruel visit to a therapist hard to surprise.

Was it your first session? What kind of doubts did you have before the encounter?

This was my first session, so I felt very nervous. I did not know what to expect and felt strange telling some of my intimate fantasies to someone I had never met. My session included bondage and I was also a little worried about completely surrendering to a stranger in that way.

What was your session about?

I enjoyed a combination facilitation/domination session involving role play, humiliation, foot fetish, and sploshing/WAM. For the role play I consulted a psychologist who treated my humiliation fears by exposing me to them. She made me kiss and lick her boots and feet, spat on me, examined my body and pointed out all its faults, and finally smeared two creamy pies on my face and body.

How would you describe the “wet and messy” (WAM) fetish?

I like the messy part of WAM, so for me it is about experiencing a woman smearing or dumping creamy or slimy substances on me (cream, chocolate mousse, cake batter, porridge, mud, etc.). Humiliation is a big part of the experience as well. I love being tied up and at the mercy of a woman who is holding a pie or bowl of something gooey, knowing that she is going to put it on me, but being unable to escape my messy fate.

I also like seeing a woman get messy, but in that case it is more for the visual pleasure of seeing her face and body covered with the mess. And once she is messy, she can get her revenge by smearing the stuff on me!

Do you consider yourself a fetishist? What kind of practices do you like exploring?

I do consider myself a fetishist who enjoys WAM, feet, humiliation, and bondage.

What would you highlight or what has had a special meaning for you?

I especially liked the way Mistress Caos listened to my desires in great detail and did her best to bring them to life. It also helped that she seemed to enjoy herself too. It is important to me that both parties have fun and enjoy the session.

After the experience, what kind of question would you like to be asked?

I guess the main thing would be how I enjoyed the experience, what went well or could have been done better. We discussed this after the session and over email, so I am looking forward to our next session when we can take it to the next level!